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Nurturing happy, healthy families!

We nurture the expression of humanity’s innate ability to thrive by empowering our community through chiropractic care and education!

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Come in!  Get your adjustment or nutrition check-up, chat it up with the other participants in the waiting room living room, peruse the library of books and DVDs on all things health, play with the trains in the kids’ room, have a cup of water or tea, or just relax a little before returning to the hustle and bustle of the world outside.  Lotus of Life is a Decatur Chiropractic & Wellness Center and we are serious about your well-being. Through chiropractic adjustments, we find and release subluxations, the cause of all dis-ease.  When your body is free of subluxations, it can more easily return to its natural state, which is one of absolute wellness.

We are dedicated to your health.

Attention Participants – COVID-19 Update

Participant Care

  • If you have or develop any of the following symptoms: Fever, Cough, or Shortness of Breath, please call the office before coming to your appointment.
  • Please check your temperature prior to your appointment to ensure you do not have a fever.
  • Please wait in your car until your appointment time.
  • Only bring family members who have a scheduled appointment to the office.
  • We have placed hand sanitizer around the office for your convenience, please use it.
  • Please wash/sanitize your hands upon arrival and before leaving the building.
  • You can receive care seated rather than laying down if you prefer.
  • Please use you forearm or side body to open the main door.
  • Please email food logs to info@lotusoflifechiropractic.com in lieu of bringing in the paper copy.


 We Care


      • We are spreading out our schedule to adhere to social distancing recommendations.
      • We will minimize contacts near the face during adjustment and NRT.
      • Liliana will complete your chart for you to minimize cross-contamination.
      • Our staff and practitioners are being checked daily to be proactive.
      • We are washing our hands often and using hand sanitizer regularly.
      • We are wiping down ALL surfaces including door handles and tables frequently.
      • Our Staff is signing each participant in to decrease cross-contamination.
      • We are running the air purifier with HEPA filter on HIGH to purify the air.
      • We are switching to single use towels in the restrooms.
      • We have closed the toy room as an extra precaution. Feel free to bring your child’s favorite toy to their appointment.
      • We have cancelled ALL classes for the month of March and April.


        • For further information or if you start to experience symptoms, please call your Medical Doctor or the Georgia Department of Public Health at (404) 657- 2700.

A Place to Call Home

In addition to regular adjustments, we also provide Nutrition Response Testing™, and we’re here for you with resources for information on just about any question you can conjure, free classes that empower you to make informed decisions about your health, referrals to other practitioners who can complement the care you’re receiving here, and a cozy, relaxed environment.

A Strong Community

We don’t mean to brag, but we attract some of the coolest people in Decatur and the surrounding areas.  When you step inside our door, you’ll find yourself among a unique, diverse group of fellow health-seekers.  Our participants are kind, friendly, intelligent and delightfully witty.  We’re not screening for those things, that’s just who shows up.  Come add to our number, we’d love to know you!




Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

– Buddha

Chiropractic is not designed to help you instantly feel better, it's designed to help you instantly HEAL better.

The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.

– Dr. BJ Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic

Upcoming Classes

mon., January 4th @1:15 pm

Healthy Detox

Thurs., January 14th @ 6:00 PM 

Thermography Information Class

Sat., January 16th 

Thermography Sessions By Appointment

Sat., January 16th @ 12:00 PM 

Proper Hydration for Detox

Thurs., January 21st @ 6:15 pm

Healthy Detox

Sat., January 23th from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Immunity & Vaccines

Mon., February 8th @ 1:15 pm

Healthy Hydration

Thurs., February 18th@6:15 PM

Healthy Hydration

SAt., February 20th @ 12:00 pm

Nikken: Help with Healthy Hydration

thurs., February 25th @ 6:00 PM

Thermography Info. Class

SAt., February 27th by appointment

Nikken: Help with Healthy Hydration

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