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Chiropractic During Pregnancy


The Beginning of Pregnancy

The first thing to form in-utero is the neural tube, the beginning stage of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves). It is responsible for directing all of the development to follow, in-utero and after birth. It tells all of the organ systems, muscles, glands, skin and so on when, where, and how to form. Without this neural tube, development wouldn’t be possible. That is how important the nervous system is; it is what forms first!

In every way imaginable! Chiropractic works with the innate life force of the body in conjunction with the functioning of the nervous system itself. Chiropractors work to remove interferences in the nervous system and to your inherent energy flow that disrupt messages going to other systems of the body like muscles, glands, and organs. If the body isn’t free of interference, there are mixed and lost messages in the body, not allowing it to work as intelligently as naturally intended. Given enough time with such interferences, dis-ease and symptoms can occur (asthma, pain, inability to deal with stress, headaches, digestive issues and so on). Though this is important in everyday life, it is especially crucial in pregnancy.

If the nerves going to your reproductive system are not working correctly, then your baby isn’t able to form and develop with 100% potential. For a safe, natural pregnancy, be sure to get your nervous system checked for interference, not only for you, but for the newly developing life inside of you!


Pregnancy is NOT a Disease

With that being said, we don’t “treat” anyone for pregnancy. Pregnancy is an amazing experience and should always be regarded that way. Women’s bodies have known how to create, maintain, and deliver children safely into the world since the beginning of time. Why would we think that our bodies are less intelligent now than when we were first created? They’re not, we just have many sources these days telling us otherwise.

Our bodies were designed with the innate intelligence to heal, grow, repair and progress on their own. Life stressors such as pollution, working 50+ hours a week, eating non-organic foods, and so on have created interferences in our nervous systems that no longer allow them to do their jobs adequately, or sometimes even at all.

That is why chiropractic works! By addressing the interference in your nervous system, your body is able to do miraculous things like heal, develop a new life inside of you, grow, and generally sustain you naturally from the inside, out.

The Many Changes

There are many chemical, physical, and emotional changes that pregnant women go through. There are many different processes that occur in your body that need to be modified due to the new addition growing inside of you. Naturally occurring hormonal changes may give you symptoms such as nausea, back pain, or round ligament pain (pain in the front, lower portion of your abdomen). Despite how smooth and painless your pregnancy goes, it is still important to get checked for interference to make sure you are expressing 100% of your potential. Making sure you are free from nerve interference can help with ease of delivery, pain during labor and birth, proper positioning of the baby, and much more. For the best birthing experience possible, go the natural route! Talk to your chiropractor about getting adjusted pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy for the best experience possible. Your baby will thank you!

We offer on site adjustments during labor – let us know if you will be needing us.

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