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Chiropractic for Children

How do Children Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

That answer is simple. The same way you and I do: with an interference free system!

Did You Know?

The nervous system is the first thing to develop when a sperm and egg meet! Why is the nervous system first? Because it is that important! It runs everything in our bodies and controls development from conception throughout life. It controls growth, repair, compensation, and more. It controls all of our bodily systems as well: the circulatory system, the digestive system, the reproductive system, and so on.

With the nervous system being the first system formed in-utero, it shows that children can benefit from chiropractic care before birth! Having a woman with an interference free system will help not only the mother during pregnancy and labor, but also the developing baby while in-utero and beyond.

A baby’s heart starts beating at 24 days! Eyes are formed in 36 days! These processes occur innately unless there is an underlying interference in the nervous system. How do you know if there is interference? You don’t, but your chiropractor will. Get your spine checked on a regular basis to ensure interference doesn’t continue, re-occur, or that new interference patterns don’t start.

The 1st Subluxation

There are many things that come with having a newborn baby. Car seats, bottles, doctor’s visits, bedding, diapers, and baby clothes are just a few of the concerns and priorities. But what about the integrity of your baby’s nervous system? Interference in the nervous system is something that your Ob/Gyn, pediatrician, or family M.D. doesn’t check for. That is the job of a chiropractor and why chiropractic care is so important!

So, when does the first subluxation occur? Pulling, forcing, and twisting the baby from the birth canal are all too common in births. Even with a natural, at home birth, the journey down the canal puts enough strain on the system to cause a subluxation. In this case, the subluxation is usually at the upper cervical area of the spine, or, the first two bones in the neck.

The nerve that exits this area of the spine controls breathing, the heartbeat, the eyes, ears, nose, and much more. That is already too many areas to have interference with early in life. Interference may show up immediately in symptoms of colic, colds, visual tracking problems and so on. They may show up months later, or it may take years. No matter how much time it takes for symptoms to appear, the “new” symptom isn’t showing that now there is a problem. There may have always been interference‚Ķ you just didn’t know it!

Subluxations so early in life cause interference in the system from the moment of the baby’s first breath. Think of all that still has to develop in your child from birth throughout life. The job is nowhere near being complete. That is why it is crucial to get your child’s spine checked as early in life as possible. Symptoms are the last thing to show up, telling us that there is and has been underlying interference in the body. Something hasn’t been working the way nature intended it to and that symptom is now the warning sign that the body can no longer compensate for the interference that may have been there since birth.

Although the first subluxation can be detected at birth, a baby could get its first subluxation while in-utero! Whether it be a mental, chemical, or physical stressor, that subluxation pattern can be passed down from the mother to the developing baby. Mothers under regular chiropractic care have babies born with less interference in their systems from day one!

Getting Your Child Checked…

No matter your child’s age it is important to live a daily life without interference in the body. Much like an adult’s care plan, a child’s care plan is modified to fit each individual’s needs and adapted to what the body is ready to experience during each adjustment. For children, an adjustment is a gentle pressure-like force meant to guide the body in the correct direction. Kids love getting adjusted and they notice they feel great. Children look forward to visits at our office as they grow and experience life!

As Children Grow

Children can experience a series of discomforts ranging from chronic ear infections, colic, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, AD/HD and so on. It is so common through the bumps, bruises and falls that children get subluxated simply from everyday activities. For example, you may not even be aware of resulting interference from activities like falling off of a jungle gym or riding a rollercoaster.

It doesn’t take much in today’s society to create a subluxation in the body. Countless children are under regular chiropractic care and report many benefits, as do their parents . . . including fewer visits to the medical doctor.

In the case that your child has symptoms, instead of giving them antibiotics or over the counter medication, give your child’s body the chance and ability to amaze you with chiropractic! Your child has an immune system perfectly capable of doing the same thing an antibiotic would, without negative side effects and without killing the good bacteria our bodies need, all while providing them with natural longer lasting immunity. Medications just inhibit the processes in the body that are necessary for health. Let nature takes its course. The body knows what to do: it’s smarter than you or any doctor!

Try Chiropractic First!

Side effects may include a smile, a prolonged attention span, laughter, fewer symptoms, clearer thinking, limitless potential in life and much more!

Our Duty As Parents…

It is never too late to start chiropractic care, but it is also never too early. Functioning the way nature intended is not something that should be put on hold. Our bodies are resilient and amazing. They always have the innate intelligence needed to heal themselves. The less interference to the body’s innate healing ability, the more the body can properly do its job.

We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves for the sake of our families. We also have the responsibility of taking care of our families. Like you, everyone else in your family has a spine and a nervous system, and they also experience processes in life that create interferences in those systems. They, like you, also have a body with innate intelligence telling it to grow, repair, and adapt.

We owe it to ourselves and our families to get our spines checked regularly by a chiropractor; just like we owe it to our children to allow them the chance to grow up without interferences lessening their quality of life!

If it has been a while since your child has gotten his or her spine checked, make an appointment today. If your child has yet to get checked for nervous system interference, then please don’t delay. They deserve the opportunity to experience a fuller life! We look forward to serving your family and watching the limitless potential unfold!

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