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Dr. Madhav Gramke, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic, Wellness Educator and Health Activist

Dr. Madhav Gramke received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University and has a bachelor’s degree in clinical health sciences from the University of Central Florida. He has trained extensively in Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI), pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy and is Webster Technique certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. He also taught anatomy as a supplemental instructor for three years at Life University.

Dr. Madhav’s journey in health began in high school with exercise and nutrition. After exposure to various hands-on healing modalities, especially chiropractic, he immediately knew he had found his purpose in life. The philosophy and theory behind why chiropractic works endlessly fascinated him and witnessing the seemingly miraculous healing people frequently experience under chiropractic care that occurred in these offices on a very regular basis confirmed and strongly set his conviction.

Dr. Madhav is extremely proud to be a part of the Lotus of Life team, serving the greater Decatur community as a doctor, educator, health activist, and health activist. He has native fluency in Spanish and is also an avid outdoorsman, rock climber, and music fanatic!


Dr. Madhav’s Statement of Purpose

You deserve to experience an awesome quality of life for its entirety. I want to help you do that by removing interferences.

We all navigate through life and experience road bumps, hiccups, physical trauma, and emotional distress. Sometimes we can handle and integrate those experiences, and sometimes we are not. I am here to help you integrate the unintegrated and help you through your process
of reversing any issues that have built up over time.

I choose to focus on pediatric and family care because that is the foundation for our lives as individuals and as a community. If the body and nervous system can develop in an optimal direction from the very beginning, it sets the course of that person’s life in a strong and healthy
way and is more efficient than reversing decades worth of issues. Remember, healing is absolutely possible at any stage in life!

Affecting the life of one member of a family inevitably impacts every other member of that family and affecting one family inevitably impacts the rest of the community. Multiply this over many families and we are well on our way to some amazing outcomes!

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