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We nurture the expression of humanity’s innate ability to thrive through chiropractic care and education.


Our Chiropractic Intern


Dr. Liliana is a Life University adjunct faculty member and works with Life’s PEAK (Performance, Excellence, Art and Knowledge) Program to mentor interns as they develop clinically and prepare to make the transition from school to practice. These students come to Lotus

of Life with over a year of clinical practice under their belts; being adjusted by a chiropractic intern is like being cared for by a hospital intern – they are ready to roll upon their arrival.

Dr. Liliana carefully selects the interns for Lotus of Life. Because this is a BGI office each intern that joins us must have attended the BGI seminars in addition to their required course of study. They must be active in the study and advancement of BGI on the Life University campus, they must prove themselves proficient in all the techniques used at Lotus of Life and, they, too, must be an active participant here. She will only allow the cream of the crop to work with Lotus of Life participants! We’re proud to be able to say that our interns go on to open their own thriving practices and work with some of the foremost doctors in the field, including Sue Brown, the creator of BGI.

Without further ado, meet our current chiropractic intern –

April Almogabar

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April is a transplant to Atlanta and has lived here for the past 16 years. She is a true southerner – growing up in Texas and South Carolina and finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Tennessee.

She has always been interested in wellness and healing, continuously reading and learning what she could, which lead her to LOL. She began as a participant at LOL and as a result of her own experience of healing and growing through Chiropractic care she realized she wanted to help others learn how to reach their full potential. So after working many, many years in marketing and design April was motivated to make a change and begin Chiropractic school at Life University. Since Bio-Geometric Integration was the channel that she came to know Chiropractic through, it was natural that it became her inspiration and approach to care.

She loves hiking and camping, making mixed-media artwork, old movies from the 70’s, good music and road trips with her husband and two dogs. April plans on sticking around the South and starting a family practice after she graduates next fall.


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