The word “wellness” has been used to the point of becoming jargon over the past decade or so. It’s hard to find a suitable replacement, though. Many of our participants list overall or general wellness as their chief concern when coming to see us, so we know we’re on the same page, but we do find it’s tough for people to get their heads around the concept of a wellness healthcare practice. 

Chiropractic care, especially when combined with a strong focus on nutrition, can enable you to quickly heal from an acute illness or injury, but in the long term, it can help prevent those situations from arising in the first place. Studies have shown that people whose primary physician is a chiropractor experience 60% fewer hospital admissions, 85% less in pharmaceutical costs, 62% fewer surgeries, and 59% fewer days in the hospital. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep the nervous system happily whirring away and fully connected to all the working parts of a functioning body. That means that the immune system functions better, and the brain is on board, which will help prevent accidents and illness, and even mood and mental health can improve. From the nutrition standpoint, having the help to know how to optimally nourish your body and what supplemental assistance your organs and tissues need, will only further your health advantages. Tending to these facets of your health consistently is what leads to “wellness”. 

You’re no doubt aware that exercising once every 3-4 months doesn’t result in stronger muscles. As it happens, every aspect of your health works that same way; it all needs frequent care and attention. When we explain that we’re a wellness practice, we are operating in absolute agreement with the old axiom “health is a journey, not a destination”. We are committed to showing up every day to help you have the best possible journey in the body you’re driving around this planet! We can only do that for you if you show up for you, too! If you haven’t already scheduled you next visits with us, give us a call today and get back in the swing of all that wonderful wellness.