In a report that has, by and large, not been covered by American media outlets, CDC announced that glyphosate has been found in the urine of 80% of Americans (extrapolated from their sample, obviously.) You may already know that glyphosate is the active ingredient in Bayer/Monsanto’s Round-Up, and approximately 287 million pounds of it was sprayed on American crops as of 2016 (it’s likely more in 2022.) Of the over 200 chemicals sprayed on conventionally grown crops in the US, glyphosate is used the most, by a lot. This chemical is known to have deleterious health effects, including cancer. While it seems clear that we should stop the use of glyphosate entirely, it will be difficult because so many of the farms in this country are dependent upon it. 

Please check out this post all about glyphosate and where it’s found and how best to avoid it. (Note, this post is from Zach Bush’s site, so it’s recommending his supplements, which is not necessarily our intention here, we just want you to have the nicely summarized information.) We agree with the author that supporting organic growers and regenerative farms is one of the best things we can do to not only help us avoid ingesting more of this noxious chemical, but also so help the soil recover so nutrient dense food may once again be grown! Here’s a map of the regenerative farms near Atlanta. Several of these farms are not only growing food in a manner that supports the earth (and, subsequently, us!), but they are also teaching other farmers how to do the same. These are the farmers who deserve our support because these are the farmers who will not only allow us to survive but return to full health. Check them out! And whenever you can, buy organic!