Finicky, hard-to-please diners exist at all ages across the spectrum; it’s not just toddlers! This month we’re focused on helping anyone who’s trying hard to nourish a body who’s brain keeps refusing all the good stuff. Heck, you might even be the picky eater in your life!

Come to class at 6:15 on Thursday the 24th and not only will we provide some helpful insights on ways to get lots of nutrient-filled foods in your loved ones’ bellies, but we’ll answer your individual questions about situations you’re dealing with right now. It’s absolutely true that you are what you eat – every morsel of food or sip of beverage that crosses your lips becomes the raw material with which your cells are working to regenerate new, healthy cells. This stuff really matters!

And speaking of the classes we offer at our office, this month’s Immunity & Vaccines class will be offered on Saturday, February 26th from 9-12. Please give us a call at 404-377-7743 to sign up for either class; we have very limited space, but we sure would love to see your smiling face in a class!