When it’s time to break your fast (at least 12 hours after the last time you ate the day before), it’s key to remember that the body will burn fuel on a first-in, first-out basis. When you want to remind the body to use its fats and proteins for energy, make those the first types of energy you supply! Most of us seem to be on the run at the start of the day, so this list is meant to help you make nourishing decisions while on the go!

What to Eat to Feel Complete Before Your Feet Hit the Street

  • Meat sticks (like Sogo brand, grass fed, non-GMO, no added sugars)
  • Eggs (on the go? Try hard boiled)
  • Grilled chicken or turkey (still tastes great cold)
  • Wild-caught fish (Also good cold or canned)
  • Bone broth or soups (a good thermos makes this travel-food)
  • Raw dairy – cheeses and milk (good sources of protein, fat, and probiotics. A reliable local source for raw milk from is CarltonFarm.com)
  • Fermented dairy – whole milk, plain yogurt (add your own toppings), kefir

Fan of Smoothies? Throw in any of the following:

Your best bet with these is to have them tested in a Nutrition check-up; many are not great for individuals and could lead to inflammation – not what we’re going for, here! Remember to scale back the amount of fruit in your morning smoothies – the simple carbohydrates in fruit will overpower the protein.

  • Protein powder
  • Collagen powder
  • Beef gelatin powder
  • Spirulina
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Hemp seeds