Ah, it’s September in Atlanta and this year, it’s actually cooling down outside! Autumn in Atlanta is an exciting time. All the people don their puffy jackets even though it’s 70 degrees and head out to all the festivals. So many festivals. All that mingling with one another is one of the key ways our immune systems stay in good shape. As we are repeatedly exposed to one another’s biome our immune systems’ memory cells are stoked into rapid recall. Yes, this is the beginning of the season when we usually see more acute illness, and there are myriad reasons for that, but believe it or not, it’s largely our social tendencies that help us stay healthy. Knowing that, we want to remind everyone to be extra careful with their health this cold-weather season, because so many of us spent so much time not mingling with one another. Not sharing biomes. We want to remind you what’s involved in that thing we call a “cold”, and what kinds of things make the key differences in how healthy you remain this, and every, season. Check out this old post on viruses today!