We say it all the time: no amount of supplementation will fix a bad diet. Still, a lot of folks struggle with what it means to have a good diet, and how they can alter their own habits to truly nourish their bodies when they eat. Knowing that is a real stumbling block for so many, we added Nutritional Coaching to our services a few months back. Led by our fabulous Participant Advocate, Brittany Boswell, Nutritional Coaching is a set program to help you gain knowledge while setting and reaching manageable health goals. Brittany is on hand to be sure that you’ve set goals that are tough but attainable, and to keep you accountable to those goals, while steadfastly cheering you on. We find that people who do a Nutritional Coaching program either in tandem with their chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing programs, or before they do anything else, have a much faster rate of healing overall, and end up with great health habits that will serve them for life!

If you want to know more about the program, give us a call at 404.377.7743 or email us at info@lotusoflifechiropractic.com. Have a healthy day!