Periodically, we feel the need to remind everyone about the very important aspect of detoxification – detoxification from dirty electricity. Yes, “dirty electricity” is a thing. Most commonly, people know this is EMF toxicity. The issue is not that all EMF exposure put stress on our bodies, but that the extreme increase in EMFs over the past 5 – 10 years is much more than most of us are ready to handle. For a better understanding of what EMF exposure is and its sources, check out this blog post from last 2019. The post explains the basics on this topic, but doesn’t actually touch on something that’s coming up a lot lately: EMF toxicity crashes the immune system.

In Nutrition Response Testing our participants, we see time and again how their phones, Apple watches, and Fitbits wreak such havoc on the nervous system that the body cannot respond appropriately to stress, and subsequently, prevents normal healing and detoxification. Protecting the body from the overabundance of EMFs in our modern world has joined the list of things we need to do to remain healthy. In our office, we carry several personal methods to help prevent the damage caused by dirty electricity. Ask us at your next appointment ask what will make the most sense for you and your family!