This one is a special post for those of you who are already Lotus of Life participants. We’re going to talk a little bit about theĀ  items you might already have on hand because we’ve recommended them to you in the past that are great to have on hand when minor emergency strikes!

If you’ve strained, sprained, bruised, overworked, or otherwise incurred some acute inflammation, reach for one or more of these goodies:

  • Nikken DUK Tape – super-powered kinesio tape that doesn’t just stabilize, but can help speed the healing. We love this tape so much that we’ve been known to apply it in less obvious situations. For example, got menstrual cramps or a headache? A bit of DUK tape applied over the pain point can soothe that ache beautifully!
  • Standard Process Ligaplex I – This supplement really helps shorten the amount of time it takes damaged joints and muscles to heal. If you’ve got a an older injury that’s still giving you trouble, try Ligaplex II.
  • Standard Process Cyruta Plus – If you bruise easily, this is a great supplement to use; that tendency to bruise is often due to low vitamin C, specifically the whole food vitamin C, and Cyruta Plus is a great version of exactly that.
  • Energetix – Inflamma-tone – A homeopathic tincture that can help your body respond appropriately (and rapidly) to the issue that’s creating inflammation so your pain is brief.
  • Nikken CM Cream – Like the DUK Tape, this cream actually has healing, not just soothing, action. Also like the tape, we’ve been known to use it for every sort of ache and pain you can think of. A little dab’ll do ya, so a tube of CM Cream can last for months and months.

If you’re feeling run down and puny, like you’re carrying around some kind of nasty bug, here are a few friends to get you back to full strength quickly:

  • Standard Process Antronex – From the group of supplements that act as drainage (they increase circulation to an area that needs it), Antronex does a great job of flushing out the gunk. Stuffy? Headachy? Phlegmy? Try loading up on Antronex for a couple days (at least 9 a day throughout the day.)
  • Standard Process Immuplex – This little guy is here to get your immune system functioning optimally so you can adapt to whatever is new to it as quickly as possible. It definitely works best with it’s drainage buddy, though, so be sure you’re taking Antronex along with it. (This one is low dose, though, between 1 – 3 per day, and always be sure you’re taking at least twice as much of the Antronex.)
  • Standard Process Calcium Lactate – Got a fever? Whether it’s low-grade of mighty high, Calcium Lactate will help your body complete what the fever is trying to accomplish, so you don’t need to have that fever for as long. Don’t suppress a fever! The fever is doing an important job; instead, send it assistance and your body will thank you.

What about seasonal allergies? We have lots of great tools to employ in those cases, too:

  • Doterra TriEase or Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint oils – This stuff is adept at clearing your head and chest when seasonal allergies lay you low. The TriEase is a gelcap containing those three oils with a carrier oil, or get the 3 separate oils and diffuse them or use them topically for relief from the plants that ail you.
  • Standard Process Allerplex – This one also acts like drainage (see Antronex above), and helps keep all the inflammation and excess mucus and phlegm that can plague you when you’re reacting to your environment.
  • Standard Process Fen-Gre – Like Allerplex, this one enables the body to respond less aggressively to environmental allergens.

With all of these, we highly recommend you get adjusted regularly and avoid eating sugars, processed grains, and commercial fats and oils.