October’s health topic is sleep, and with good reason! Over and over, we hear our participants complain that their sleep is poor for one reason or another. That will definitely put the kibosh on your ability to feel your best! It may seem like nothing much happened during a night when you slept well, but that would be incorrect! What’s happening while you rest your weary head? Well, to name a few:

  • The brain stores new information and organizes neurons, allowing for:
    • learning
    • memory
    • problem-solving skills
    • creativity
    • decision making
    • focus
    • concentration
  • The brain gets rid of toxic waste
  • Nerve cells communicate and reorganize, which supports healthy brain function.
  • The body repairs cells
  • Energy gets restored
  • The body releases molecules like hormones and proteins which aids in:
    • muscle repair
    • protein synthesis
    • tissue growth
    • endocrine function

Some important things, no? So this month, be sure to check out the information lining the walls of our office for you to take and share or come to one of the free classes we offer (see the calendar here), and figure out how to get your best night’s sleep, so your days are a lot more pleasant!