It’s no small feat to get through the morning news without feeling at least a little overwhelmed, if not full-on depressed. Part of the reason for this is that these are tumultuous times, and it’s not easy even to keep up with what’s going on, let alone find the time to process current events in a way that is healthy for you and for your community. A bigger part of this is that most news sources thrive on the bad news. It’s what gets clicks on the internet sites, it’s what draws viewers and subsequently advertisers to the television and radio sources of news. It’s a habit we all seem to share, gawking at the things that are traumatizing or outrageous. It’s extremely unhealthy. Just like when we talk about how we need to break the cycle of organ dysfunction and poor nourishment, we need to break the cycle of consuming bad news. But how?

We recommend a news detox. Take a few days off from news of any kind. It’s going to be okay! Your knowing or not knowing the latest tweet from the president has little to no effect on the course of history. So, take a breather, and focus on something else, preferably something pleasant.

When you feel it’s time to get back into the swing of staying updated on current events, we recommend you find some news sources that aren’t all bad all the time. There are several reputable news sites online that purposefully focus on the good news, even good news about what is generally a bad event. Start a new habit of consuming that news. You’ll still know what’s going on, but your perspective on the world around you might change, and you might find yourself more hopeful and less stressed in general. Here’s a nice collection of good news sites to get you started. Once you’ve formed a healthy news-consumption habit, pass it on to others. It’s good for your health and for theirs. Have a positive day!