Whether you eat breakfast in the morning before you start your day, or you’re an Intermittent Faster and you don’t break your fast until later in the day, how you breakfast is key to your health. We hear all the time how difficult it is to fit a healthy meal into a busy morning. It can be mayhem in the household as everyone is off to their next thing, but if you’ve planned ahead, breakfast need not be a casualty of the morning insanity. This is important; what you eat is the key to your health, including your immune system strength. So, what should you eat?

A good quality protein is essential for the first meal of the day. This will help you function and keep you feeling full much longer than a meal filled with carbohydrates can. Picking a protein for breakfast will prevent the blood sugar drop so many people experience around mid-morning, often sending them to the fridge or break room in search of a quick rescue that is also usually something filled with simple carbohydrates (and the cycle continues). You can get some great protein from eggs, high-quality meats, full fat yogurt, and even vegetables, especially the dark leafy green ones. In a pinch for time, a good quality protein powder can give you that boost your body needs.

What are some good options for breakfast, then? Lisa’s favorite is some salad greens with oil & vinegar dressing with smoked or grilled salmon, red onions, capers, and maybe some feta or even cream cheese. Top that off with some sprinkles of an everything bagel spice blend and you’ll be sated until lunch! No time for salad-making in the morning? Try a smoothie! If you’re using a protein powder in your smoothie, you don’t even need fruit in there. You can add spinach, avocado, frozen riced cauliflower, maybe even some mint leaves. Use a non-dairy milk of your choice or water and a couple ice cubes and you’ve fit in a ton of veggies and some protein!

Click the photo or here for recipe.

There are lots of recipes for make-ahead oats and quinoa breakfasts, too. Take 5 minutes the night before to throw together the ingredients, stick it in the fridge and you’ve got breakfast waiting for you in the morning. The options are limitless, just get creative! See Brittany for a list of proteins, smoothie recipes, and vegetarian protein options that are complete. Don’t skimp on your food, it’s everything.