A tensegrity sculpture. This is a great example of how the human body is held up in space, too! If this were to become misaligned, it’s clear to see it would collapse.

When you come to Lotus of Life Chiropractic to get adjusted, we explain that the purpose of adjustments is to find and release subluxations. So what’s a subluxation? The typical definition of subluxation states that it’s the disruption of the nervous system resulting from misaligned vertebrae. In BioGeometric Integration (BGI) chiropractic care (Lotus of Life’s approach), that definition extends to include the soft tissue of the body, and the body’s energetic field based on the natural geometry of the body. Because things really don’t work when the nervous system is disrupted, subluxation is the root of disease. There are three causes of subluxations: traumas, toxins, and thoughts. Today we’re just going to focus on the thoughts cause.

What do we mean when we say thoughts can cause subluxation? We’re referring to negative thought patterns, which is also on the list of things that can weaken your immune system. We’ve been teaching this to our participants for years, and further explaining how chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing healthcare can not only help eliminate the effects of negative thought patterns, but also break the thinking cycle that produces them. This month, new research results on this topic were announced confirming the health risk of long term negative thinking. Read the details of the study in the press release here.

Our main interest here is in helping our participants to break their own prolonged habits of negative thoughts and to develop new, healthier, habits of thinking. It can be done! As we mentioned above, the care we offer is in part designed to help people do exactly that. Regular chiropractic adjustments remind the nervous system how it’s supposed to function, and keep it on the straight and narrow. This is why we don’t recommend using chiropractic care primarily for health crises, but for wellness. Additionally, Nutrition Response Testing can help determine which nutrients the body is lacking and replenish them through whole food supplementation, and by working with individuals to form better eating habits. While this might not seem like it has a direct link to habits of thought, think again! (See what we did there?) There are foods that people eat entirely too often that in fact lead to anxiety and depression. There are also foods people don’t eat often enough to help the brain function properly! So check out the press release linked above, and make your appointments to get seen in our office ASAP. We can’t wait to see you get happier!