In the Immunity 101 class we host periodically, we talk about what it means to be infected versus what it means to be sick. Here in the blog, we’ve talked about it again and again as Covid-19 has made so many people sick around the world. Viruses are tiny critters and once they’re out, they’re everywhere. One does not “catch” a cold. One becomes “sick” with the symptoms of their body mounting a full inflammatory response to a cold virus that, because of the state of the body at the time, was able to replicate and wreak a little havoc. That havoc is what we think of as the infectious disease. If the state of the body is such that the immune system can mount that attack early, quickly, and effectively, then those symptoms often need not occur. So once again, let us remind you – infection without disease is the rule, not the exception. At any given time, you are an asymptomatic carrier of a lot of pathogens. It definitely does not mean you are spreading disease all around. Please see the latest information from the WHO regarding what their research has shown regarding the spread of Covid-19. Though they’ve followed up with the caveat that “there’s still much unknown”, it shows that those who are infected but asymptomatic are almost never the cause of the spread.

What that tells us, though, is that keeping the body in a healthy state is the best defense we have against disease-causing viruses and other pathogens. Surely you’ve been sick with a cold or flu virus in your lifetime. If you’ve been to the doctor for that viral infection, she probably said something along the lines of “yup, that’s something viral. Go home and rest. Push fluids” because there isn’t really anything to be done to cure a virus.

We have remained open throughout this pandemic because chiropractic adjustments and designed clinical nutrition are successful ways to keep the immune system in tip-top shape. We have kept our entire staff healthy throughout by using this health producing care. One of the best things you can do to help slow the spread of this virulent disease, is to keep yourself as healthy as possible. So, eating lots of nutrient dense food, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, and finding effective ways to handle your own stress are key and stopping the spread. Take care of yourselves!*

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