Hello out there in social distancing world! We hope this post finds you well and happily provisioned for the coming weeks. While you’re there, let’s talk about keeping you fit and healthy. We can’t help but notice that many of you have devolved into some college dorm-level dining and imbibing. Yes, the memes are very funny. However, it’s not funny to lose your health, and someone needs to have a serious chat with you about this. The most important thing for your health (and yes, that means your immune system) is nourishment! Get some good proteins and healthy fats on those plates, and drink a lot of good quality water. Dial back those carbs. Remember that processed grains, alcohol, and white potatoes and rice all quickly convert into sugar in your body. And sugar absolutely wrecks your health. It doesn’t just wreck your physical health, it leads directly to anxiety and depression. These are challenging times, please don’t make it harder on yourself.

Some great snacky foods to keep around the house instead of chips, popcorn, cookies and other baked goods include (but aren’t limited to) nuts, seeds, and olives. Keep some crisp, crunchy veggies on hand like celery, cucumber, carrots, bell peppers, and snap peas along with hummus or perhaps a sugar-free salad dressing (if you’re not into making it, Primal Kitchen has some good ones.). Fresh fruit is also a great option! Grab some apples, grapes, berries, or citrus fruits. Avoid those fruit juices, though! You can do this! We’re available for phone sessions if you need some help here; it’s our goal to keep you as healthy as you can be now and all the time!