By now, everyone is aware that one of the top methods to avoid the spread of disease is by frequently washing one’s hands. There are some other important ways to protect your own health, which in turn, help protect the health of others. In this case, it’s the less focused-upon things we’d like to cover today.

The environment is one of uncertainty and stress right now because we’re facing a crisis together – but apart. It is trying on everyone and may crop up for each individual in unexpected and unique ways. So, the first subtle healthcare practice we want to recommend is kindness in all venues. First, kindness to yourself. We are trying to live in ways we aren’t used to and no one can be expected to have it mastered. If you’re not completing the work you expected to complete, or are having a hard time managing kids at home, please give yourself a break. Next, remember that isn’t a single person you encounter who isn’t experiencing the same stress. While you’re giving everyone physical space of at least 6 feet, give them some emotional space, too. Decide to preemptively forgive everyone for their short temper, for the mean thing they might say, for their humanness. That does a couple important things: it helps stop the chain of pain that is created when a spark of stress or frustration is allowed to light the fire of anger and misunderstanding across everyone who carries it. And it gives you a quieter mind, leaving more space for calm and compassion. When you can maintain those things, you are spreading health instead of the opposite.

Next, remember the importance of nourishment. It’s easy to fall into a habit of stress eating, to reach for junk food during times of difficulty. Try to avoid doing that as much as possible. The best way to do that is to not have it available. So far, the open air farmers markets are still operating, and matching SNAP/EBT funds in an effort to provide fresh, local food to as many people as possible. The grocery stores remain open, you can still get to a store to buy fresh food (please observe special schedules that allow senior citizens to shop on their own right now). Feeding your body well provides it the energy it needs to function in all circumstances, and it’s crucial for keeping your immune system firing on all cylinders. This is important, as important as washing your hands!

Finally, our office will remain open for as long as we can! Getting regular adjustments is a major boon to your overall health, and your Nutrition Response Testing program is designed for you specifically, with an understanding of what will help you stay well. Call our office to schedule. Unfortunately, if you are displaying the known symptoms of Covid-19, we cannot see you in the office, but if the symptoms are mild, we are happy to provide helpful advice on how to heal as quickly as possible. If your symptoms are severe, please call your medical doctor and ask for instructions on how best to get care. All of you are in our thoughts, and our mission to improve the health of our community remains steadfast. Please help us help you by taking the best care of yourself you can!