At Lotus of Life Chiropractic (LOL), we’re often sending our participants to the best grocery stores and farmers markets in an effort to help them eat the most nourishing foods. One option we haven’t spent a lot of time focusing on is growing food at home. In Decatur and Atlanta, many homes actually have a fairly large yard and plenty of sunlight that would work well for a garden. For our condo and apartment dwellers, though, it can seem more difficult or even impossible to grow food at home. We’re here to tell you it’s not! A lot of delicious food can be produced in tiny spaces, and even indoors, if you know what you’re doing! So this week we’re featuring this great article from Chelsea Green Publishing on this very topic.

Further, we’re fortunate here to have some great organizations whose mission it is to teach people how to grow and enjoy their own foods. Headquartered extremely close to LOL’s own office is The Wylde Center.  Check out their calendar for all the great opportunities to learn the specifics of gardening anywhere. Also helpful is Truly Living Well, whose programs you can check out here. Check out what the Food Well Alliance offers here. Georgia Organics is another group that will help gardeners on their way. That’s just a tiny sampling of the organizations in our area that are insure organic, fresh, nutrient-dense foods for everyone. Check them out! Even if you’re not ready to start a garden, you can pick up a potted herb today, and find a sunny spot for it in your home. It’s a start and any meal can be improved with a bit of fresh herbs thrown in!