You can’t read, listen to, or watch any news source lately without hearing fear-inspiring information regarding the corona virus (specifically, the 2019-n-CoV). Should you panic and start wearing a mask everywhere you go? Short answer: if you’d like, but it probably won’t protect you from viruses in your world. Regardless of the virulence of a pathogen, the absolute best way to protect your health and that of the people around you, is to protect the integrity of your own immune system. Here is a post about some ways to do just that. And here is another post about why you should stop eating processed sugars. Pathogens are most deadly to those whose inner environments are in the roughest shape. Keep yours thriving with sufficient nutrients and other types of great care! Please revisit these posts to know best what measures you can take (they’re easy!) and come in for an adjustment and your Nutrition Response Testing check-up today, so we can let you know if you’re lacking in any key nutrients and how to build those up in your own body and in the bodies of your family!

Meanwhile, might we humbly suggest a short news detox? The world will not cease to function if you take a few days off from any and all news sources, but your own peace of mind might just begin to return to a safe and healthy level, and that’s pure gold for a healthy immune system!