Make no mistake, we at Lotus of Life Chiropractic are huge holiday revelers, but we know December can also make a person sick. When you’re on a Nutrition Response Testing program, your body is well supported and that will help you sail through these weeks of non-stop fun with minimal impact on your health. There are times, though, when something sneaks up on you and you might not be able to get right into the office for a check-up.  Never fear! Here are some pointers on which supplements to choose in the most common holiday-related health incidents. This is your first aid kit, but do call and get yourself scheduled as soon as possible at the first sign of less than optimal health!

Ate too much sugar/carbs/cheese/not-sure-what: Depending on what you have on hand, there are some clues to help you know which supplement to reach for. Here are a few common scenarios –

  • Feel fine, but definitely ate too much sugar/carbs – Multizyme, Zypan, Enzycore, Inositol, Cataplex B, Cataplex G, Cataplex GTF.
  • Having heartburn, reflux, upper intestinal gas, deep regrets – Betaine Hydrochloride, Zypan, Chlorophyll Complex, Gastrex, Okra Pepsin.
  • Having lower intestinal gas, loose stool, diarrhea, also deep regrets – Spanish Black Radish, Zypan, Chlorophyll Complex, Choline.
  • Imbibed to excess, different but still deep regrets – Cataplex B, A-C Carbomide, Betafood, Antronex, water.
  • Not sure where things went south, but haven’t pooped in suspiciously long stretch – Fen-Cho, Zypan, Lactic Acid Yeast.

Fighting a bug: After the whole eating too much sugar thing, you’re pretty susceptible to the creeping cruds that are making the rounds. Fight back at the first signs of aggression!

  • Head stuffy, sinus pressure, inexplicably cranky – Antronex, lots of it. Grab a couple every hour or so until your head drains.
  • Head stuffy, but also sore throat, cough, achy muscles, fatigue, general sense of impending doom – Still lots of Antronex but you could also reach for Spanish Black Radish, any Energetix tincture with a name ending in “tone”, HVS products – Support, O-S, Stress. Those are all drainage supplements, they increase circulation to an area that needs it so that creeping crud gets flushed out, but to improve your immune system strength for this fight, go for a smaller amount of any of these: Immuplex, Cyruta Plus, Congaplex, Thymex, Cataplex A-C. If your doing this on your own, just take one or two of the immune boosters per day, but be sure to take at least twice as much drainage.
  • Throat so sore you won’t be able to go caroling – Energetix Throat Spray Tone. Kinda gross tasting, but works like a charm, now get out there and sing for your figgy pudding!

Stressed out: Making it a magical Christmas can be over-the-top stressful. Sometimes the lack of magic is the stressful bit. Either way, if you’re feeling run down, a little low, innervated, or even depressed don’t reach for “comfort food”, treat yourself to a little time to do something that invigorates and/or relaxes you, and maybe give yourself a little extra nutrients from one of these supplements.

  • Drained, low energy, at wit’s end – Drenamin, Cataplex B, Cataplex B12, Trace Minerals B12, Min-Tran, HVS Stress.
  • Wound up, unable to feel calm – Drenamin, Kava Forte, Cataplex G, Min-Tran, Organically Bound Minerals.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder – Min-Chex, Niacinamide B6, Cataplex B, or some Energetix products: Fields of Flowers, Relief-Tone, Relax-Tone, or Calm 5