The holidays are just around the corner! That means parties at work, school, and neighbors’ homes, big, traditional meals with family, and gifts full of sugar.  What’s someone on the route to unparalleled health to do in these situations, when avoiding those delicious goodies and all their nostalgic pull can be a Herculean feat? This year, we’d like to support you in your greatest resolution ever – the resolve to become and remain the healthiest you’ve ever been – even before January 1st.  Here are some hints on how to enjoy the holidays (or celebrations any time of year) without crashing your health.


  1. Remember your goal, and why you set it. You’ve committed yourself to being healthy because you want to feel fantastic all the time!  What’s more important – that sweet, sweet eggnog for 10 minutes, or feeling great the next day and beyond? Sometimes you just need to give yourself a little pep talk before you hit the playing field.  Celebrating with friends and family is about having and being fun, and that’s easiest to do when you feel great.
  2. Slow your roll. If you’re going to have a drink or two, be sure to have at least 3 drinks of water in between those grown-up beverages. That will slow your intake down considerably, and keep you hydrated, preventing a hangover.
  3. Celebrate-lite. If you’d rather not drink at all, but struggle with that goal while you’re around people who are drinking, put your water, or sparkling water in a wine or cocktail glass, maybe throw a piece of fruit or cucumber in there, and keep that with you all evening. If tells your brain you are partaking, while assuring your liver you love it.
  4. Be prepared. Load up on healthy food before you head out! Prior to your party, be sure to cram all the fresh veggies, good dietary fats, and clean proteins into your mouth you can manage! Consult our “Free Foods” list to see what foods are your best bet. That way, you’ll have a nice, full tummy and even if you really want a sugar cookie or some chocolate, you won’t be able to handle much, and you’ll have given your body lots of wonderful nutrients to help you effectively digest your indulgences and you’ll have the energy to dance the night away.
  5. Warn family and beloved friends ahead of time. Those who love and miss us will often go out of their way to make your favorite “__________”. At that point, it’s pretty rude not to enjoy it, right? There’s no harm in letting them know how much you appreciate their efforts, but that you’re really trying to avoid sugar overload (or sugar at all) every day of the year, and that just getting to see their smiling faces in person is the best gift they could possibly give you.