When people hear “detox” they tend to think of a days or weeks long obligation involving serious diet restrictions and extra  supplementation, and they’re not wrong; a detox can be exactly that. There are a great many ways to help the body detoxify each day, though, that are simple and enjoyable. Just increasing the amount of filtered water you drink during the day will aid with detoxification.  Add some fresh lemon juice to that water and you’ve helped even more. During this month we’ll share lots of information to help you gently detoxify. Today we’re talking about a nice, relaxing detox bath. The great thing about taking a detox bath is that it’s not just good for your physical systems and organs, it’s also great for mental health. Your brain needs a break! So if you’ve got access to a bath tub, here’s how to upgrade a basic bubble bath:

  • Select a time when you can have half and hour or so uninterrupted
  • Be sure the tub and surrounding area is clean, add anything you like for relaxation to the area, such as candles or just the right music
  • Have your towels and clothes easily within reach so you can ease out of the tub without losing that relaxed feeling
  • Fill the tub with clean, filtered water that’s around 102 degrees
  • Enjoy!