Here at Lotus of Life Chiropractic, part of our mission is to empower our community through education. To that end, we often talk about foods, chemicals, heavy metals, and ailments that could be robbing you of your health. Knowledge is power, it’s true, but we also notice that you sometimes end up with that deer-in-the-headlights look about you, and it’s then we know we’ve said too much. So let us kick off this weekend with a message that everyone needs to hear frequently – You are doing well, you are navigating life with admirable grace, and every day you’re getting better. 

How are you getting better? One little healthy change at a time. So when we tell you there are all these things out there that can damage your health and you’re probably chewing on one of them, wearing several of them, breathing in a multitude of them, and sitting very close to at least one of them even as you read this post, please know that even amidst this deluge of toxins, you’re swell. You could be sweller, but there’s no need to panic.

Assess your current situation. If it’s not 100% to your liking, make a list of things that are not ideal over which you know you have some measure of control. Which thing is the easiest to change right now? That’s the low-hanging fruit. Are you, for example, finding yourself unduly exhausted and attempting to correct that issue with gallons of caffeinated coffee each day? Could you perhaps take those gallons down to a couple cups? Could you ease yourself into half-caf? Why not take a few weeks and focus on making that change, as it feels tolerable to you, until you’ve reached a point where you can either enjoy decaf (this is possible) or even switch to herbals teas? That would take an enormous amount of pressure off your over-taxed adrenals and go a long way towards improving your overall energy level. There is no need for you to rip the joy your inordinate amount of coffee brings your from your life in one fell swoop all in the name of health.  Please don’t, in fact! Baby steps. One good thing leads to another good thing…there’s no huge rush, you can do this.

This is just one example! The bottom line is, if you make your healthy changes in manageable increments, waiting until one change has become a habit before you introduce the next, you will make amazing headway and enable your own body to do a lot of healing you didn’t even think it could do. So be patient with yourself and with your loved ones, and give yourself credit where credit’s due, because you are seriously awesome. Now, have a really great weekend!