Why is it important to take care of your posture?

Posture is a term used to describe how you position your body when you sit, stand, and perform activities. Good posture is important because it allows for proper movement and alignment of your spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When you maintain proper posture throughout your day, you are less likely to experience pain and discomfort both now and in the future.

What are activities that cause poor posture?

  • Looking down for long periods of time while texting.
  • Sitting slouched in a chair.
  • Sitting for long periods of time.
  • Using a computer for long periods of time.
  • Slouching forward while using the computer.
  • Lying in bed while watching TV or reading a book.
  • Not performing exercises properly.
  • Not stretching before and after exercising.  

How do chiropractic adjustments benefit your posture?

The nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal column, and nerves, controls and regulates all functions of the body. The nervous system is the communication system in our body that controls the joints of the spine, muscles, ligaments, organs, and all of its systems.  When we have poor posture, the brain gets poor signals from the body. This can cause the brain to be stressed and send out stress signals to the body instead of healthy signals.  This can lead to more poor posture and other symptoms such as poor immunity, low energy levels, and poor digestion to name a few.

The vertebral segments of the spine help to support and protect the nervous system.  When these joints of the spine are stressed or out of alignment, they can irritate the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves associated with the misaligned area. Specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine allows for better posture and restored communication of the nervous system.

How often should a chiropractic adjustment be given to restore posture?

The first step is to be evaluated by a Chiropractor. They will determine a care plan to fit your individual needs for both resolution of health concerns and supportive/preventative care. Visit our website today to read more or set up your evaluation! www.lotusoflifechiropractic.com