We talk about this a lot.  Sugar = bad.  While it’s certainly an unpopular stance, we’re just the messengers, and we’re responsible for helping you take ownership of your health! So we’re not going to hold back just because the message is literally a buzz-kill.  It is not hyperbole when we tell you the number one thing you can do to improve your health in every way is decrease and eventually stop consuming processed sugars.  As you work toward the goal of removing sugars from your diet, everything else you do to improve your health, including sticking to your chiropractic regimen, will work more quickly and for longer periods of time. This week, we’re going to let someone else say it!  See?  It’s not just us!  Enjoy this quick video on the topic.  When you need help getting off the white stuff, we’re here for you. Set up your next appointment today!  Give us a call at 404-377-7743