What is the immune system and how does it work?

The immune system is a collection of cells, tissues, and organs whose main job is to protect the body from disease and to heal the body when there is illness.  The immune system works alongside the nervous system to keep the body healthy as it is exposed to various foreign substances and stress from its environment.


Are the symptoms of illness ever beneficial?

Depending on the type of exposure, the body’s immune response usually includes fever, vomit, diarrhea, fatigue, etc. These responses are helpful! For instance, a fever brings the body’s temperature to a level that can kill off the pathogens in the body, and vomiting is the body’s way of removing poisons such as bacteria or toxins we’ve eaten. These are all natural and appropriate immune system responses necessary for the body to fight off foreign substances and to heal itself. So, taking over-the-counter medication when you are running a fever, or feeling otherwise ill, can lengthen recovery times, making you actually feel worse for longer

The immune system is constantly working in the body to determine what is good and what is bad.  The immune system becomes stronger when it is able to fight off any bacteria or virus that does not belong.  Feeling sick is not always comfortable, though it is very productive for the health and strength of the immune system.

Do chiropractic adjustments benefit your immune system?

The nervous system regulates all of the body’s functions including the immune system.  For the immune system to work optimally, it must be healthy. When the joints of the spine are out of alignment, they will compress the nerves and cause stress on the spine and nervous system.  This will interfere with the communication between the nervous system and immune system, resulting in a compromised immune system.


How often should I receive a chiropractic adjustment when I’m sick?

The first step is to be evaluated by your chiropractor. They will determine a care plan to fit your individual needs for both resolution of health concerns and supportive/preventative care. Visit our website today to read more or set up you or your child’s evaluation! www.lotusoflifechiropractic.com