We are on a mission to enable our participants at Lotus of Life Chiropractic and anyone else whose path we cross to know where to find the most nutrient dense, life-giving food available. Here’s a quick list for both locals and our friends who aren’t fortunate enough to live in Decatur, GA and the surrounding areas ;).

First, for the locals and our visitors (we’re glad you’re here, y’all come back!):

Organic Foods at Local Stores

Despite what agricultural industry-sponsored studies insist, organically grown food contains more nutrients than the stuff doused in chemicals.  Not only because the plants have been treated with herbicides, pesticides or chemically enhanced fertilizers, but also because the soil in which these plants are grown is devoid of the life organic soil supports. Further, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are typically developed to withstand liberal applications of Round-Up, or glyphosate. Glyphosate is a chemical that will dessimate your microbiome, leaving your digestive tract susceptible to Leaky Gut. So, whenever possible, buy organic to avoid a toxic load of chemicals and help insure a higher level of nutrients in the food you’re eating. Here are some great sources for organic produce in our area:

Grocery stores with large organic selections:

Community Supported Agriculture

The entire Atlanta area is rich in local farmers markets.  We strongly encourage you to frequent those markets! While many of the farmers who participate in the markets aren’t certified organic, the majority of them practice organic farming at or above USDA standards. The process of certification can be costly and take time the owners of small farms don’t have to spare, but if you talk to them about how they grow their produce, you’ll find it’s squeaky clean. Here’s a great site to help you locate the market closest to you and that fits your schedule.

Another great way to get organically grown, local delights is through a Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.  Not all of them work the same way, but for most CSA’s you pay for a season of vegetables and fruit, then go to a designated spot once a week to pick up your goodies. We have a lot of fabulous local farms with CSA’s you can join.  Here are a few of our favorites:

There are even a couple CSA’s specifically for meat that we highly recommend:

  • Riverview Farm
  • Love is Love Farm (meat from Frolona Farm)
  • Carlton Farm

And, of course, our favorite source for raw milk is Carlton Farm.  Check out their farm truck or have delicious food delivered right to your door!

Get it Delivered

Not from around here?  For you, we’d like to point out that several of the above-listed establishments will ship their goods right to you! But, in general, we have great affection for the

Weston A Price Foundation’s Shopping Guide.  You can order your guide directly from their website (join up while you’re there!) or, have your local loved one pick one up for you from our office. They even have a mobile app you can download that will help you find the healthiest food near you, wherever you are.