What’s the Deal with Vitamin D?

The Dog Days of summer are upon us. As we hit the fields for those summer soccer and softball games we not only need to be aware of the potential for sunburn, but also sunstroke, or “sun poisoning” – vitamin D toxicity. We need plenty of vitamin D to be sure, but we can have too much of a good thing!  Your best defense from this dangerous ailment?  Plenty of “vitamin F”, the unofficial name for certain unsaturated fatty acids.  When we lack sufficient levels of vitamin F in our bloodstreams, calcium cannot be carried to the tissue and is left in the blood, where it can be too much.  This can result in unpleasantness such as symptoms of sunstroke, development of leathery skin, allergies and if left unchecked, kidney failure.


Vitamin “F” – Our Best Defense

How can we be sure we’re getting enough vitamin F to protect our kidneys and our skin? It’s most plentiful in the kidneys of animals (yum!), but if organ meats aren’t your dietary mainstay, you can get a fair amount from fish oils or wheat germ oil.  We carry a Standard Process supplement that is a concentrated form of vitamin F that can be help handle a deficiency.  Your best bet is to get yourself on a Nutrition Response Testing program, and if you’re already on one, ask to have your vitamin levels checked when you’re in for your next check-up!  There’s more at play here than just the proper vitamin levels. Having regular nutrition check-ups is a surefire way to know if you’re getting every nutrient your body requires in the right proportions.

In addition to getting plenty of vitamin F, be sure to stay hydrated with water and electrolytes. Avoid sports drinks that contain sugar! A few good snacks are:

  • raw celery plain or with some natural peanut butter
  • seaweed
  • carrots
  • Coconut water (plain, no sugar added)
  • For the ambitious – a homemade electrolyte drink

Take care out there, everyone!  It’s easy to forget that we all need a little break from the heat and sun when we’re having lots of fun.  Be sure to notice how you’re feeling and if you’re too hot, or feeling at all faint, seek shady shelter and take a break before getting back into the mix.

Would you like to learn more about how to improve your families health? Consider Nutrition Response Testing at Lotus of Life Chiropractic.