We hear this question a lot both in the clinic and out in the world. I thought, why not save some time and put this in writing for those of you who ask it? First of all, what is Nutrition Response Testing? Glad you asked!  Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive method of determining exactly what’s at the root of symptoms. It uses advanced technology to remove the guesswork from healing and pin point precisely what all natural, safe means will enable your body to recover.  We understand that literally anything can cause anything, and because of that, making decisions about how best to handle your health can feel overwhelming. While regular chiropractic adjustments help keep your body free of subluxations, if the issue is emanating from within the body’s organs themselves, you’ll need to take a dual approach, adding some specific nutritional care to help those tired organs heal.

If your particular health situation is a Nutrition Response Testing case (something we’ll need to determine by doing an assessment), then some reasons why you’d choose to go that route are ample! First, every body is unique, and has its own quirks regarding what best nourishes it and enables it to thrive.  By fully engaging in a Nutrition Response Testing program, you’ll get to know exactly what your body likes or finds intolerable. Next, this type of care shows us exactly which organs and areas of your body as in need of attention, and which one is your body’s top priority at any given time. Additionally, we can uncover what elements are putting the most stress on those tired body parts, and subsequently determine what type of help will alleviate those stresses. Using these methods, we’ve proven repeatedly that every living body is constantly attempting to regenerate damaged cells, and given the correct assistance it can come back from even the most dire of health issues! There is absolutely no reason to simply accept that a chronic health situation is “just the way it is”. Your body is designed to be in a state of wellness, it just needs your help, and we’re here with Nutrition Response Testing to help you help it.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the nuts and bolts of this method, check out our calendar for classes.  We teach at least 2 one-hour classes each month in the office and regardless the topic, we will always be sure to include the details of how Nutrition Response Testing works.  There’s plenty of time for your questions, then, too.  Come learn more, bring the people you eat with and the people whose health you care about!  When you pick a class to attend, be sure to call the front desk at (404)377-7743 or email our information line at info@lotusoflifechiropractic.com to let us know you’re coming and whom you’re bringing; space is limited!